Covi Safeguard Copper Mask

Effective. Reusable. Breathable. Protection you need now. 

Covi Safeguard, provider of masks made with 93% copper and 7% zinc. Copper kills harmful viruses such as COVID-19 and bacteria on contact, within two hours.

A must have mask for medical professionals and essential workers everywhere that may have to reuse their N95 multiple times. Protect your gear with Covi Safeguard.


Current Customers

Mark Allen, San Diego, CA

Scrub Technician for large hospital, former Navy Corpsman with 25+ years operating room experience

Scotty Nelson, Nashville, TN

Scrub Technician, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, former Navy Corpsman with 30+ years operating room experience


(630) 669-7478

PO BOX 87147
San Diego, CA, 92138-7147

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